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MAP OF PUERTO RICO ‚ Click now for City Maps

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Puerto Rico (Maps) ‚» Porto Rico Map (1903)

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Description Map of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico.png

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Map Pr for There are different types of unemployment. The first one, frictional unemployment, arises from normal labor market turnovers. For example, when a recent college graduate comes to the job market for the first time, he or she is said to be frictionally unemployed. Another example deals with people in the process of changing jobs. Economists believe that there will always be frictional unemployment at any given point in time. The second type of unemployment is called structural unemployment, due to deep (structural) changes occurring in some sectors of an economy. It typically translates into the elimination of one kind of job and the creation of jobs the unemployed do not have the skills for. Map Pr 2016.

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