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; and the second force, the national independence movement of Nasser, and others, can cooperate with us on various problems, on the problem of peace, on the 838 Third World Internationalism problem of imperialism; the degree [of collaboration is not [always the same but [they can cooperate with us. Map Power Plant 2016.

Parents establish routines that draw children into the culture and teach them basic values, as we saw in Travel with regard to American and Italian families. Parents simplify play so babies can participate, giving toys they can manipulate so skills increase. Vygotsky also emphasizes the importance of language. Words give children tools to communicate with others and enable them to represent their experience in words that are internalized into thoughts. Both Piaget’s focus on active exploration of the world and Vygotsky’s focus on social relationships provide parents with guidelines to help children learn and reach their full potential.

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