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Perry-Casta±eda Library

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Map Online World for There are nine ongoing negotiating groups that work and meet regularly to produce draft texts to be considered at future summits. These groups deal with such areas as market access, agricultural issues, intellectual property rights, competition policy, and investment. Since the first summit in 1994, participants have accomplished such goals as improving anti-corruption efforts, leading to changes in civil and criminal codes in the countries that have ratified and signed the agreements. In addition, ethics rules have been implemented for public officials. There has also been an increase in counter-narcotics efforts, coordination to fight terrorism, funding of micro-enterprise initiatives, and an increase in awareness of environmental issues affecting the Americas. In addition, progress has been made in developing common standards for telecommunication service and access. The summit process has attempted to reorganize inter-American relations by adapting debates and procedures to the new political, economic, and social conditions of the world that have come about due to the end of the Cold War. Map Online World 2016.

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