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exercise, and general treatment.

By keeping the dog healthy his natural resistance to disease-producing germs is increased. Annual booster vaccination of D-H-L each fall is especially recommended. Probably two of the most neglected predisposing sources of infection are bad ventilation and unsatisfactory sanitation in the kennel or living quarters.


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Babies demand a great deal, but they give much in return. Becoming a parent involves assessing parental readiness in terms of time and psychological resources couples planning children and resolving differences single adults planning children accepting a child if unplanned resolving ambivalence so the child is wanted, not rejected Changes in adoption policies and assisted reproductive technologies mean that people who would have been childless in the past can now have children raise questions about children’s rights to know their biological roots Timing of children depends on the psychological qualities of parents rather than their age affects a child’s later adjustment if parents are not mature, a child may develop later problems Babies bring new routines and responsibilities great pleasures a special appreciation in parents who experienced infertility. Dimensions underlying a parent’s transition to parenthood include balancing individuality and mutuality communication skills positive attitudes agreed-upon division of labor parents coming to terms with their own childhood experiences forming a coparenting alliance Parents experience greater ease in the transition when they maintain intimate bonds with their partner or a supportive friend or relative share expectations, feelings, and workload with partners line up support from friends and relatives adopt an experimental attitude toward solutions trying them and seeing if they work Travel Becoming Parents EXERCISES Imagine that you and your partner were discussing your readiness to have a baby. What factors would make you feel that you are ready? How would you handle a disagreement between the two of you as to whether to have a baby or not? Suppose you both felt strongly about your opinion, what would you do? Describe your expectations of parenthood. What changes will it require of you? Do you think your expectations are realistic? Describe the activities that you do now that might prepare you for being a parent taking a course in parenting, learning to solve conflicts in a positive way, practicing communication skills with friends, learning about children and their needs.

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