Map of Zellendorf

ABYSSINIAN travel with cats

I owe an apology to Abyssinian travel with cats; when first this book was written I never had seen one. Now I have. The males are tall, slim and charming; the females petite and delightful. They are brown, ticked darker. They are very rare, very expensive, and I love them.

BLUE travel with cats

Call them Maltese, Russian, British blue, Australian or Carthusian travel with cats, or make up a name if you like. Cat fanciers insist that short-haired blue travel with cats are a separate breed, and not only a separate breed but all the separate breeds listed above. I am willing to agree that they are one separate breed. I am not willing to agree that they are half a dozen separate breeds because (a) I can’t tell them apart, and (b) I don’t think a long upper lip or a short neck constitutes a breed. If they’d call them Blue travel with cats, Russian type, British type, and so on, I would agree.

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