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Map of Zell (Bad Konig) on Its main sector, manufacturing, involves the production of steel and iron, metal products, petroleum, ships, machinery, chemicals, clothing, and electronics. Of this latter industry, manufacturing cellular phones is a booming industry in Finland, and has high growth projections into the 21st century. A member of the EUROPEAN UNION (EU) since 1995, and one of the first to adopt the EURO currency, Finland’s principal trade partners include Germany, Great Britain, JAPAN, RUSSIA, SWEDEN, and the UNITED STATES. Transportation equipment, ships, clothing, and food are Finland’s chief exports. Agriculture, though no longer the mainstay, maintains a prestige of its own in the form of livestock (poultry, hogs, sheep, cattle, and reindeer) and hay, barley, wheat, and potatoes. Its timber industry, which has always been one of Europe’s largest, has not given up that honor. Daily, shippers send Finnish wood and paper products throughout the world. Map of Zell (Bad Konig) 2016.

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