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Map of yorkshire england for The Soviets used nationalization to eliminate foreign influence, to gain the maximum benefit out of consolidated business operations, and to eliminate the Russian business class, possible opponents of the new government. The Mexican Revolution of 1917 and subsequent nationalization of industry in MEXICO in 1938 set an example for other countries in the 20th century. The most vital foreign investments nationalized by Mexico were American petroleum investments. The United States government recognized the right of Mexico to nationalize, but Secretary of State Cordell Hull declared that No government is entitled to expropriate private property, for whatever purpose, without provision for prompt, adequate, and effective payment. Hull’s statement of principle guided the U.S. government’s actions whenever Americans’ assets were nationalized The 1929 stock-market crash and subsequent worldwide Great DEPRESSION brought a wave of nationalization in Europe as a way to deal with the economic crisis. Map of yorkshire england 2016.

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