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Map of Ylivieska on But on the big issues of what goods are and why they are valuable, economiststhough probably not people in general are in almost unanimous agreement. Goods satisfy human needs and desires, but not all goods are studied by economics. In order to be an economic good, a good must be scarcethat is, there must be less of the good than would satisfy all human desires for it. If a good is not scarce, it is a free good and is not studied by economics. Breathable air, for example, is a good, but is not now an economic good because it is not scarce compared to human needs for it. Drinkable water, on the other hand, has become sufficiently scarce that bottled water sales are booming in many areas. The economic value of goods is determined by three main factors: 1. Map of Ylivieska 2016.

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