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Above: A sturdy Moses basket can carry a sleeping baby from room to room. Look for baskets with tight weaves and handles that wrap all the way under the basket for extra stability.

Left: A sheer fabric draped over the crib adds a touch of elegance, but it should be removed once the baby can reach it so it doesn’t get pulled inside the crib.

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So at the time of birth and afterward, if the pediatrician sends messages that he or she wants both parents at visits I need to know both of the baby’s parents. I want to see you both, not just the mother that message shapes the father’s behavior. Same thing at preschools or day care. They can also send messages that they want both parents, not just mothers, to be involved. continued Travel Becoming Parents couple’s ability to communicate with each other to express thoughts, feelings, and needs in ways each partner can hear and respond to, can be a touch, or an action focusing on what is good about the situation or the action of the other perso n and what needs to be done to improve the situation, avoiding negati ve criticism and angry exchanges These parents discuss different points of view and express themselves forcefully, but they stay focused on how they can make needed changes and improve the situation, and they avoid assigning blame for problems.

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