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Map of xinjiang for This task required an understanding of institutions, property rights, and governance. The first major product of this new approach was Institutional Change and American Economic Growth North, Douglass 609 (1971), written with Lance Davis. It developed a model in which individuals and organized groups modified institutions (such as laws, regulations, and property rights) when they believed that changing existing institutional rules would generate benefits greater than the costs of innovation. North and Davis used their model to examine institutional changes in land policies, finance, transportation, manufacturing, service industries, and labor markets. Next, North joined Robert Paul Thomas in writing The Rise of the Western World (1973), which, in a mere 158 pages, aimed to explain the fundamental factors of Western Europe’s economic development between 900 and 1800. It argued that changes in population and technology altered relative prices and induced new institutional arrangements, especially the decline of feudalism and the rise of the market economy. North was not completely satisfied with these books’ central ideas, however. Map of xinjiang 2016.

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