Map of Wurzenpass

Map of Wurzenpass for But more importantly, it introduces the notion of Manichaenism in the conception of self and the other by rejecting any possibility of tracing the origins of the Orient and the Occident to common or shared origins. Cross-pollination of ideas and mutual learning among civilizations and peoples are denied, and so is the human equality of non-European peoples. Critics believe, that this rhetorical move enables Eurocentrics not only to claim moral and intellectual superiority but also an inherent right to use military and political authority over various parts of the Orient, as and when deemed necessary or useful. Its ultimate efficacy lies in creating a right to rule over others; justifying use of violence; legitimizing military occupations; reordering lives; redesigning social, educational, political and economic systems; and forcibly recreating the Orient in the image of the Occident. Thus, it sets up a task for the European man, who is the embodiment of good, not only to affect the separation of good and evil, but to rule over the darker areas of the world, to bring light and learning to them. To that end, Eurocentrism is a celebration of European power to create and destroy; its increasingly greater sway over nature, time, space and life; and its capacity for seemingly endless progress and pleasure. The European history is seen as the prototype of the world history, in effect, the history of each society. Map of Wurzenpass 2016.

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