Map Of Wolfsegg Am Hausruck

Ime, was taken by the King of Pergamum. Until the Romans brought order to the area in 189 B.C. Phrygia was being pulled from all sides by the Celts, the Syrians and the armies of Pergamum. The Romans forced the departure from Anatolia of the Syrians and awarded the western half of the Anatolian peninsula to the King of Pergamum.

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Map Of Wolfsegg Am Hausruck

The Celts were confined to their original acquisition in Galatia.

When the Pergamene Kingdom fell, Phrygia was awarded to Mithradates V of Pontus by the Romans in 133. It became a part of the Roman province of Asia in 116. Other parts of Phrygia were absorbed into the provinces of Cappadocia and Galatia.

In the Byzantine period, the name Phrygia disappeared. Archaeologists have found in excavating ancient Phrygian sites, especially Gordion and Midas City, that the Phrygian society was made up of a cultured and intellegent elite, a level of artists, craftsmen and merchants, a ruling class of high priests, and a level of slaves. Phrygian slaves were often exported to Greece.

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