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Map of Wilhermsdorf on The Uruguay Round concluded with the expansion of GATT’s efforts into the World Trade Organization (WTO) to include many of those issues requested by the developed nations. Eight rounds of talks were held by the GATT before its abolition and, perhaps inevitably, given the nature of a weakly enforceable agreement structure with complex issues, many participants and a dynamic environment, success varied among the different rounds. Those of particular significance included the Kennedy Round of 196467, the Tokyo Round of 197379, and the Uruguay Round of 198694, all of which were in fact held in Geneva, Switzerland. This period witnessed numerous important changes in international arrangements that had an impact upon GATT negotiations. For example, the rise of the East Asian Tigers (SOUTH KOREA, TAIWAN, HONG KONG and SINGAPORE) demonstrated in different ways that free trade was not always necessary for rapid economic growth by some lesser-developed nations. Similarly the spread of multinational enterprise units and their importance to the world economy, and the increasing pace of globalization, have considerably lessened the importance of many nation-states as actors in international trade. However, it is slightly unfair to criticize the GATT for failing to deal with issues that were unanticipated at its formation, and that it did not have the resources with which to adapt itself. Map of Wilhermsdorf 2016.

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