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Map of Wanzai on Hegel’s aim was to set forth a philosophical system so comprehensive that it would encompass the ideas of his predecessors and create a conceptual framework in terms of which both the past and future could be philosophically understood, explains the Encarta Learning and Research Center. Such an aim would require nothing short of a full account of reality itself. Over the following 30 years of his life, Hegel strove to frame that reality, what he called the Absoluteto define it, to demonstrate its purpose in nature and history, and to communicate its infiniteness. The first decade of the 19th century brought Hegel through various stages in not only his advancing independent research, but also in his professional and private life. From 1801 to 1806, he taught and lectured at the University of Jena (Germany), while turning out exhaustive writings on his studies. Much of his findings up to that time were put under one cover when he published The Phenomenology of Spirit in 1807. Spirit was, simply put, an explanation of what he saw as Reason. Map of Wanzai 2016.

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