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Map of Vimont for Beyond the gateway is a gracious courtyard, with the seventeenth-century Ducal Palace on the right-hand side and outbuildings along the left. Rising up before you is the fantastical facade of the church, festooned with inlaid marble, twisted columns, statues and friezes. Despite more than a century’s work by leading architects, the facade remains unfinished: the tympanum was never added, giving the church its stocky, truncated look. The Milanese architect Guiniforte Solari was the first to work on the facade, starting in 1472 with the medallions of emperors and figures from antiquity around the base. The following layers of reliefs and statues of prophets and saints were created by the Mantegazza brothers, while the richest decorations in particular the Bible scenes round the two windows are attributed to Amadeo, who included a self-portrait in the bottom left-hand corner holding a pair of architect’s compasses. Lombardo is responsible for the decoration in the upper, slightly simpler, layers. 100 1 MILAN PAVIA The interior Inside, the Gothic design of the church was a deliberate reference to Milan’s Duomo, but it has a lighter, more joyous feel, with its painted ceiling, and light streaming in through the one hundred windows high up in the walls. Halfway down the righthand aisle, a trompe l’oeil of a Carthusian monk peeping through a window seems to watch visitors as they move around the church. The elaborate seventeenth-century gates to the transept and highly decorated altar, at the far end, are opened when a tour is about to start. Map of Vimont 2016.

1442 Rue Vimont, Montral QC – Walk Score

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12 Rue d’Edimbourg, Laval QC – Walk Score


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