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Within these constraints single parents need to make sure that they are claiming all they are entitled to, from whatever source. Even the most well-organized and highly educated divorced parents find it very difficult to negotiate the jungles of Supplementary Benefit on the one hand and tax and maintenance rules after separation on the other. In most cases, those who have been in similar circumstances themselves are the most reliable guides. This is another good reason for making an effort to contact a local one-parent family group such as Gingerbread.

Local Citizens’ Advice Bureaux, Welfare Rights and Law Centres will help you to sort out what you are entitled to and show you how to claim. They will also recommend other specialist advisers if needed. Local branches of the Claimants’ Union also have a good deal of up-to-date information and case material on all aspects of Supplementary Benefit.

The rules surrounding maintenance and taxation after separation have become very complex in recent years and it may be necessary to find a solicitor or accountant who specializes in this field. Try to get a personal recommendation from someone who has had their own finances successfully sorted out after separation; the solicitor who did the conveyancing of your house eight years ago and that nice accountant I met at the pub’ will not necessarily be experts in the law and finance of divorce.

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