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What do you think of Jess do we do it do we have a honeymoon wow that looks like the beauty, and beast library the library doesn’t open on Monday guys we’ve woken up to a winter wonderland it is currently snowing here in Vienna Hey mr. president I think we need one of these filthy oh yeah yeah oh my gosh it looks. So different wow. So pretty oh my gosh it’s like really snowy guys last night we fell asleep at 6:00 p.m. and woke up at 5:00 a.m. So we had 11 hours sleep we didn’t even have dinner we were. So tired. So we’ve woken up and, I’m like Steve, I’m starving we’ve just been waiting for a cafe to open, and now we’re gonna go, and eat. So guys we just put a photo up on Instagram, and Twitter this is our last day in Vienna, and we want you guys to decide what we do. So when we get to our breakfast spot we’re gonna have a look over them, and see what you guys recommend it.

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Because we love your suggestion, and hopefully you guys have some awesome suggestions for us, I’m excited to read your comments, and suggestions, and see how it goes if you guys plan our entire day all right come back to the niche market to see people like sweeping, and getting ready for the day we need a nice warm place for puffy guess what was one of the only places open after 7:00 mm-hmm see you are we have a new favor I know we could wake up yeah well the day doesn’t begin till the coffee’s in guys we’ve just come out to Sean run Wow Calais if, I’m not saying that right, I’m sorry we don’t have Google on us right now. So I have no idea how to say it we’ve come to this amazing part, and I think on the other side there is the palace the buildings around here it’s a copy on the way back to the train will will go on the streets. But this park is seriously guys Austria just European winter is so beautiful all righty guys we found the palace look how beautiful it is it’s so weird if we came here yesterday there literally have been green grass, and blue skies, and instead we have snow-covered ground, and grace that like that’s insane it’s so beautiful here the palace is huge like this is like the courtyard really cool part is not really a park today white fluffy this is the park that everyone comes, and visits yes, I’m a little walk around, and I think some red flowers blossom here as well yeah they’ve really kept it well imagine this place in the springtime. But still traveling, and winter is not as bad as everyone cracks it out to be especially if you’re in a place where it’s not guys we’ve trained it back into my in Vienna, and of course we jump out of our class West station, and we turn around like what is this building doing here there’s like. So many just hidden gems that we just had no idea about had no plans to see them, and then we just walk out, and he knows it from Austria let us know what it is there is a sign saying calls cash I think it could be that just can finally get her beauty in the Beast library books are in this incredible bookcase literally just wraps around the entire place. So this globe is from the 16th century you just want to like jump up these steps, and just grab a book I don’t even know what is there do you do have to pay to get into the library.

But it is so worth that it’s definitely a beauty the Beast moment and, I’m pretty sure that library is over 600 years old. So it’s got a lot of you spiritual it seems like you guys really wanna eat cake. Because our most requested things for us to do Bonilla is eat a cake bugs – support at hotels – ah, and guys we are at photo laptop fancy whoo you ready what’d you say okay it looks like a standard chocolate cake traditional Sasha twat chocolate cake no now if you describe it icings chop that the extra little bits I don’t know you don’t ascribe ah she’s hot to eat describe actually. So we had expert Steve here okay oh by the way health, and see he’s this cafe Oh literally gonna give it to me I think there was a bit of a hot coffees great by the way he’s like orange or something there’s like orange it’s nice it’s okay maybe it’s not might have a cake it’s no carrot cake for sure no mud cake for sure I love others the number one thing no it’s good it’s good it’s just the hot chocolate, and the trucker blog is great guys it’s violet there is 34 handmade steps to make that slice of cake 5 out of 10 orange, and I really don’t like orange chocolate that’s why I think 30 is handmade good 5 out of 10 yeah all right. So a lot of you guys recommended that we’d like an Austrian sausage or an Austrian a schnitzel. Because we don’t eat meat.

But we have arrangements. So if you come up sighs I am excited to try this you think you’ve meant to put the lemon on at first this place smells of lemon cheese it’ll be cool to find one if they use an eggplant or something oh my go for it stay very try it sauce back in our room we just finished off our packing. Because your last suggestion was jump on a train, and go, and visit Salzburg. So we thought we’re in a head in there, and spend the night, and go, and explore Salzburg tomorrow, and that means we’re gonna be catching our first train. So we thought would show you how to like to set up your Eurail pass when it does come in the post. So first thing you need to do is put your details in to the ass to behind the ticket there’s this little section where you put your name, I’m gonna start putting our address, and stuff like that on here, and then you want to write where you’re going. So what is the day the day is today is Tuesday 20th of February, and then you want to put your time in I don’t know what time we’re gonna be catching the train.

So you know that later am I going to be from Vienna you guys need to make sure that boy you catch the train that this is filled in before you jump on the train otherwise I think like it’s not valid they can find you exactly you’re going via train, and then on here you also need to write it. So we need to say that the day will be the 20th, and the second it needs to be in pin as well. So you can’t change it, and that means that one of our days is now gonna be used up yeah perfect easy bye hotel honestly that was a really nice day just arrived in Vienna Central Station, and before me you you are passed you actually have to go, and validate it to activate it, and make it start working. So we have to go find the ticket booth, and get them to give it the stamp of approval, and then we can jump in our first train this looks like a standard like ticket offices generally. But I think you need to go, and speak to someone. So we just realized that if you buy through a travel agent we got ours through a stair travel they already validated for you. So if you get it through an agent it’s a bit easier don’t have to go, and get a staff party.

So we just got the trip planner app, and it’s it will toss all the trains. So we want to go from Vienna central where we are to Salzburg you can pick when you want to depart. So we just go now. So there’s one or two 32 217 easy now the good thing is this tells you if you need a reserved seats. But you don’t which is fine otherwise have pop up with reservation, and yeah. So we just need to go to your rj 64 it’s ours is the 230 rj 64, and it goes to moochin, and we just jump off at salzburg which is just before. So when you go to platform 8 let’s jump on our first train all righty jumping on our first train this is exciting is about two, and a half hours to get something all righty guys welcome to Salzburg that’s so easy I love that he’s gonna jump into an uber we’re saying a little bit outside of the city.

Because within it a very cool accommodation like we have to stay there just gonna jump in a car see you at the hotel buddy just got to our room oh this is so cute got a little bathroom. So we’re staying at Hotel shlush little sloshed she lost loopholes, and we won’t tell you guys what is so cool or how this place looks you can quickly go on google cuz they’re gonna give you a full tour tomorrow yeah you know no they don’t Google they have to watch the next post are you sure you can watch the exhibition space was built in 1736 movie fans you will know how cool this place is. But I hope you enjoyed today’s post if you are new around here make sure you hit comment cuz on the next post this place is so beautiful though okay you guys know how big movie buff fans we are so being here is really cool. Because it’s quite an iconic spot is this your first time having breakfast in a palace Wow.

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