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First comb out the hair until it is free of all mats or snarls, since soap will not rinse out of them. Apply petroleum jelly or mineral oil around the eyes to keep them free from soap. Put a big wad of cotton in each ear. Fill the tub tfith water up to the dog’s knees and thoroughly soak him. Use lukewarm water. When you and the dog are both wet, apply a mild non-irritating shampoo and work the suds in com-

pletely, starting at the head and working back. Use your fingers to work the soap down to the skin, and don’t neglect the ears or paws. Use a damp washcloth to clean the face. Rinse away the suds completely; incomplete rinsing will dull the coat and irritate the skin. After the water is drained from the tub, wrap the dog in a large bath towel and wipe off the excess water before he shakes. After he has shaken himself well, you can towel him dry or use a hair dryer. Don’t let him get into a draft while he is drying. On a warm sunny day he can be taken out, but don’t put him in an area where he will have access to dirt or gravel, for he may roll in it.

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