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rescue your cat, throw a blanket or coat over him before you try to remove him bodily.


Don’t set up as an amateur diagnostician of feline ailments just because you guessed right once. Anybody can guess right once. If you guess wrong once, you may not have a cat to guess about.

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In Travel we saw that close social relationships bring great pleasure, reduce stress, and improve health and well-being. For most people, families are the first and most frequent providers of closeness. Physical Touch and Closeness Physical closeness brings feelings of pleasure and relaxation, and we first learned about these physical benefits from studies with animals and newborn infants. Rats whose caretakers handled them gently had great resistance to stress and survived surgeries that killed rats without such handling. Preterm infants who received deep-pressure massages several times a day in the hospital gained weight faster, were awake and more active during the day, more alert and responsive during a developmental assessment, and were discharged from the hospital sooner than infants who did not receive massages.

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