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Montevideo: Montevideo is a charming city, modeled to some extent on Paris. Its avenues are broad and tree-shaded. Most of the pedestrians use the sidewalk arcades. Montevideo is a cafe town and the streets are lined with sidewalk cafes filled with people drinking cafe express. There are numerous things to see in Montevideo itself, and many short excursions within city limits. See the Legislative Palace of Uruguayan marble and pink granite, topped with gold. The residential areas are filled with beautiful homes. The beautiful drive along the Rambla follows the beaches to Carrasco. The Planetarium in Park Pereira Rossell is one of the most modern to be found anywhere.

The COT travel agency offers a wide choice of sightseeing tours to the summer resorts (Atlantida, Piriapolis, Punta del Este, La Paloma, La Coronilla) and to places in the interior, in comfortable buses, at very reasonable rates. (A full day‚„s excursion to Punta del Este, including lunch and tea, costs only $5.) Rental of self-drive cars not advised: too expensive, too many restrictions.

From Montevideo to some 200 miles up the coast there is a chain of beaches and beach resorts, all of which are delightful, all worth seeing. An interesting three-day excursion is to La Coronilla on the Brazilian border. Santa Teresa National Park almost at the Brazilian border surrounds the Santa Teresa fortress. There are camp sites, flower gardens, bathing beaches and a zoological park.

Punta del Este: The choice place here is the Cantegril Country Club. Located in a surrounding of pine forests and sand dunes, it is a delightful vacation spot which has been compared with Boca Raton in Florida. Cantegril is not a hotel, but a private club, where PAA passengers have membership privileges. Guests rent lovely bungalows at a flat rate of about $30 per day. This includes lodging and meals for four persons. Minimum stay is two weeks. During the summer season, there are periods when the use of the bungalows is restricted to club members, so check with PAA before requesting reservations.

Cantegril is also a residential area, where some of the finest homes in Punta del Este have been built. It boasts all kinds of sports activities; golf, tennis, polo, riding, swimming (pool and beach), handball, bowling. It is the seat of the film festivals which attract to Uruguay some of the brightest movie stars from the United States, England, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Brazil -and Japan.

Salto Grande (Great Falls) is one of the favorite areas for dorado fishing, great sports of Uruguay.

The new Victoria Plaza, a social favorite in Montevideo, offers the finest of accommodations and a conveniently located center for all your

The only hotel in Punta del Este of the large luxurious type is the Tudor-style San Rafael Hotel, facing the beach of the same name, which has a casino and night club. There‚„s a government-operated casino and Rojo y Negro night club managed by the Victoria Plaza in the former Hotel Nogaro; open only during the summer season; approximately December 15 to April 18. Rates are about $8 to $10. The service charge is 22 per cent. This is a legal charge which takes the place of tipping.

Punta del Este has many other establishments, smaller and less expensive, such as the charming La Cigale, which features French cooking, Playa, Floreal and many others, where a double room with meals costs $6 per person (plus the usual 22 per cent service charge). Newest hotel here is the ultra modern Victoria Plaza Annex.

There are also tourist attractions in the interior of the country. Dorado fishing is the thing at Salto Grande in.the Uruguay River {see sports). Minas (80 miles north of Montevideo), with a Renaissance church and a fine little inn, Parador Salus, eight miles out of town (where food and lodging cost $4 a day), is a quiet spot for fall vacations, as is the region of Colonia Suiza (80 miles west of Montevideo), an interesting place founded by Swiss colonizers. Try also to visit a ranch in the cattle country.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION : The National Tourist Commission has recently opened a smart, up-to-date, well-staffed information bureau on the crossing of 18 de Julio and Agraciada Avenues, in Montevideo; its bilingual personnel is ready to assist the tourist with all kinds of information, but will not make reservations or buy tickets. Also, the Federacion Uruguaya de Turismo, the Victoria Plaza Hotel and of course, the Pan American ticket office, Palacio Salvo, Andes 1341-43. Plaza Independencia 848 (Tel. 8-9787).

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