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Map of Tukrah on By the time Wealth of Nations was published, Smith developed the theory into a coherent framework. He felt Great Britain should be a free port with all duties and customs eradicated. Smith described the objective of mercantilist policy to diminish as much as possible the importation of foreign commodities and to increase the exportation of domestically produced products and merchandise. He examined the economy-wide impact of tariffs on imports and concluded that such policies led to higher prices, monopolistic practices in the home market, laziness, and poor management. The foundation of Smith’s thoughts on free trade centered on each individual’s natural right to participate in the economy. Citizens sought to improve their own station by providing goods and services to others. In turn, their efforts enhanced the national economy through an efficient allocation of resources. Map of Tukrah 2016.

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Building Your Budget

This is actually the simple part of budgeting. All you really care about every month is your discretionary expenses, because on a month-to-month basis discretionary spending is the only spending that changes and, thus, the only spending you can manipulate.

In some instances, of course, your fixed costs will change in a given month. You might, for instance, pay off your house or car or some other debt, eliminating a fixed payment. You could move to a more costly or cheaper apartment, changing your monthly housing cost. You might lease or buy a new car, adding a mandatory payment. But those are relatively infrequent events, so you won’t be changing those inputs on your budget all that often.

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