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they did make a lot of emphasis on the fact that I came from a one-parent family and I was supposed to have had an unhappy childhood. I was quite stunned in court actually when they read out all the things that was supposed to have happened to me and what I’d been through. Quite frankly I never knew the half of it … but I did actually get away very lightly, so I think that’s the reason why it all came out.

In this instance, David’s label’ was made to work for him but most parents and children find the stigma of belonging to a one-parent family very distressing. If teachers, medical people or social workers ever try to explain your problems away as the natural, even inevitable consequence of a broken home it is worth trying to challenge their assumptions by asking further questions. There are a number of very helpful books which deal fully with every aspect of single parenthood (see Appendix 2). In addition, Gingerbread Magazine and One Parent Times, the journal of the National Council for One Parent Families, often include articles which will help you to develop sufficient confidence to put your own informed point of view when you feel your child is being unfairly labelled. Parents in a similar situation can also give you much-needed support.

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