Map of Trafalgar Square

Indeed, allthe building of the Square as such are flacd not onlv the massive and miscellaneous congregation at the south side, that look like an overspill from the Victorian excesses of the City, but even St Martin’s in the Fields itself. …

St Martin’s is a bewitching church, but even m his original designs, its architect, James Gibbs, never succeeded in marrying the steeple and the body of the building into a whole. After years o watching, and loving, this church in all lights and weathers, I still have the reeling that if only one could catch it at the right moment, spire and church would click in heavenly harmony, but circumambulate it though I will, they never quite do, and obstinately the spire still insists and project’ through the building like a misplaced eye tooth, though a beautifully designed and turned one. Inside it is grand, with pilasters and plaster and gilt, much as Gibbs built it in 1722 26, with a handsome pulpit (which you can sec in its original state in Hogarth’s second plate for the Industry and Idleness” series). It is a roomy and airy church; if it lacks a climax, it is nevertheless admirable for well furnished and well dressed weddings, and indeed sees a great many of them. The monuments from the early church (it goes back to the twelfth century, and the parish is said to have been created by Ilenry VIII, so that pestilential bodies for burial could be buried there rather than carried umvholcsomcly past his new built palace of St James on their way to St Margaret’s Westminster) are, some of them, re erected in the crypt of the present building, together with an old whipping post dated 1752, and Gibbs’s model for the church. It has long been a fashionable, indeed, a royal church. Charles II was christened in it; George I gave the organ. And in its now extinguished graveyard were buried a remarkable medley of famous bodies Francis Bacon, John Hampden, Nell Gwynn, the highwayman Jack Sheppard. But the creation of Trafalgar Square was really responsible for its position of spectacular prominence, for only then did its handsome facade emerge from a close cluster of mean buildings to ride so dream like in the eye.

Map of Trafalgar Square Photo Gallery

Map of Trafalgar Square Photo Gallery

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