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l through the aimmrr still, ia pitc of the competition of the airlines, claustrophobic pile on to the boat trains for Dover. Highwaymanship, vigorously practised especially in the eighteenth century when much moneyed traffic passed between the new palace at Kensington and the City, has almost entirely lapsed, and the coarse if fashionable habit of viewing hangings and floggings in the Marble Arch area (Tyburn) has given way to the more harmless pleasure of oratory at Speakers’ Comer. Occasionally in the depths of winter even you may meet a mad runner. But the characteristic sight of Hyde Park remains that of a single figure setting off, keen in loneliness, to cleave the Park in two with long strides that seek nothing but exercise. The essence of the Park is simply earth, and its grass and its trees, and a wide sky undefined by chimney pots or concrete sterile pergolas on top of office blocks. And water the Serpentine. Other activities in Hyde Park were more lethal (the Royal Humane Society was early on the

Tosontsengel Location Guide

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Tosontsengel Location Guide

Elevation of Tosontsengel,Mongolia Elevation Map, Topography, Contour

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