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Map of Topsfield for 30pm & 2.30 6pm, Sun 9am 1pm & 3 6pm; Nov March closes 5pm Free The splendid twelfth-century Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, built over an eighthcentury predecessor, has a Gothic north portal on the square, decorated with Romanesque lions and, above, an equestrian statue of Alexander, Bergamo's patron saint. It's worth walking round the exterior; this is one of Lombardy's best Romanesque churches, and the apse and minor portals are all beautiful examples of the style. The rather stubby interior with a floor plan that is almost a Greek cross is a different kettle of fish, dating from a late-sixteenth century makeover. It is extraordinarily elaborate, its ceiling marzipanned with ornament in the finest tradition of Baroque excess, encrusted with gilded stucco, painted vignettes and languishing statues.

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Map Of Topsfield

The confessional (1704), by Andrea Fantoni, displays stunning artistry, festooned with cherubs, saints and prophets and topped by a flaming orb. There's a piece of nineteenth-century kitsch, too a monument to Bergamo's most famous son, Donizetti (see p.234), composer of comic opera, who died from syphilis here in 1848; bas-relief putti stamp their feet and smash their lyres in misery. More subtly, the intarsia biblical scenes on the choir stalls designed by Lorenzo Lotto, and executed by a local craftsman are remarkable not only for their intricacy but also for the incredible colour range of the natural wood. Map of Topsfield 2016.

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