Map of Tokyo, Japan

ACCOMMODATIONS: There are ‚“Western style‚ hotels (which the average tourist will prefer) as well as some of Japanese style which are comfortable and good. In Tokyo there are the famous Imperial Hotel, the ultra-modern Nikkatsu Hotel, Hotel Tokyo, Hotel Teito, Marunouchi Hotel, Tokyo Station Hotel and the Kokusai Kanko, all located within a half-mile radius of the city‚„s shopping center. The Ambassador Hotel and Shiba Park Hotel are just a few minutes‚„ walk from it. Rates range from about $5 to $9 a day single, $9.50 to $12 double, European Plan. Be sure to have confirmed reservations on arrival.

ARTS: Japanese art is too vast a subject to discuss in detail. Japanese paintings and sculptures are known the world over and the Japanese influence on Western painters has been enormous. The Japanese Art Academy in Tokyo holds an annual exhibit each year in the autumn. Nihon Bijutsu-in (Institute of Japanese Art) holds a private exhibition, as does the Nika-kai, or modern group. The Tokyo National Museum, which has branches in Nara and Kyoto, houses a wonderful collection of Japanese art, sculpture, carvings and other treasures of Japanese and Oriental culture. The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Gallery at Ueno is the principal and largest exhibition hall. The recently opened National Museum of Modern Art and the Bridgestone Art Gallery, with their year-round exhibitions, are conveniently situated in the heart of the shopping district. Numerous art exhibitions are held throughout the year at various locations, while group and one-man exhibitions are held at the city‚„s leading department stores from time to time. Many national treasures and priceless works of art can be seen by the public at the temples and shrines in Japan, especially in the Kyoto-Nara district. Also interesting to see are the Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery in Meiji Park, with interesting paintings of historical events, and the Folkcraft Museum at Komaba. Tokyo, which has on exhibit an extensive collection of indigenous folkcraft. The Kamakura Museum of Modern Art at Kamakura, one hour by electric train from Tokyo, is visited by many.

BALLET: There are several local ballet troupes which hold performances from time to time. Western ballet enjoys immense popularity among the Japanese. This has been further stimulated by the performances given here by visiting foreign artists.

BANKS: in Tokyo, Bank of Japan, First National City Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank of America, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corp., Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China, Bank of Tokyo and Netherlands Trading Society.

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