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Above: Bouquets of fabric flowers in blue, red, and orange pop off the walls. High-contrast mobiles over the crib and nearby window give the baby even more to look at.

Right: A dresser outfitted as a changing table sits under an exposed light bulb, which is blocked from the baby’s view by a soft padded toy with a mirror hanging on the wall.

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For example, prenatally if men get expectations from the health-care system that they are expected to be at prenatal visits, they will be there. Mostly, however, they get the message they have no role during the pregnancy. Yet, research has shown that one of the best predictors of good prenatal care for the mother is whether the partner is involved with prenatal care. We have found in our work with low-income men that when men understand how vital their role is even before the child is born, they can change their level of involvement. Knowing how important their role is with their babies increases the motivation of low-income men to be involved.

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