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Moving back to Koh Tao. After spending half a year and most of my savings on my regretful journey to Utila, I moved back to Koh Tao attempting to look for a job as an instructor. Without any work experience and a flood of new instructors on the island (Koh Tao is another place where they train way too many instructors for the amount of jobs in the area) I had a really difficult time getting my foot in the door anywhere. Three weeks later I finally got an opportunity at Crystal Dive Resort in Mae Haad which is the port town area of the island.

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Turns out my second language saved my dive career and, if it wasn’t for the fact that I spoke Mandarin Chinese, I never would have gotten the job since I didn’t have any work experience as an instructor. I shadowed another instructor and completed a free (non-paid) internship before getting students of my own. I worked there for around 4 months before I got ‘burnt out’, dealing with students from mainland China that would often show up unprepared, uncomfortable in the water and not knowing how to swim. Due to clever marketing and word of mouth they came on vacation looking to scuba dive but didn’t realize how much hard work it really is.

Most instructors and dive centers will squeeze them through the course somehow but it’s a very stressful process. My advice would be to only work for dive shops that make it very clear to all divers my bloging in advance – especially anyone from Asian countries – that they must first go to a local swimming pool and pass the swim tests before they come.


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