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Map of Tara for Particularly since WORLD WAR II, Nestl has expanded beyond its primary milk-coffeechocolate focus to encompass a far broader food product range, although products using either coffee or cocoa as the primary input still account for approximately 40 percent of group profits. Nestl is also one of the world’s oldest multinational enterprises, having first expanded beyond its national borders to produce in the UNITED KINGDOM and GERMANY by 1874, an early strategic necessity given the small market size of the Swiss market. Nestl is currently the world leader in mineral water (acquiring Vittel in 1969, Perrier in 1992, and San Pellegrino in 1997), instant coffee (having developed the first soluble coffee in 1938) with a 56 percent global market share, powdered and condensed milk with a 40 percent global market share, and confectionery (acquiring Rowntree and Perugina in 1988). Nestl also has a commanding market presence in pet food (acquiring Spillers in 1998, and Ralston Purina in 2001). Nestl’s most important global brands include Carnation, Kit Kat, Buitoni (pasta), Friskies (cat food), Stouffers (ready-made meals), Nescaf, and Perrier, as well as a myriad of local and national brands. Finally, Nestl is present in cosmetics (obtaining a 26 percent stake in the French firm, L’Oral, in 1974) and pharmaceuticals (acquiring Alcon Laboratories, a leading ophthalmic company in 1977). In 2002, overall group sales were $50. Map of Tara 2016.

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