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Hey guys look who is here Olivia was here in Taiwan with me we are going to be exploring Taipei the problem is that coincidentally when we are here the forecast says a hundred percent chance of rain for a week straight it’s gonna rain for the whole time we’re gonna be here. So pretty depressing weather. But we are still gonna have fun, and explore the city what do you think of the city. So far live it’s pretty cool lots of lights looks kind of Japanese to me. But yeah let’s go see miss flora even in the rain this city is still super colorful, and full of light, and it’s super cool right now I am with Livio in the highest Starbucks in the world inside the Taipei 101 tower is also one of the most elusive Starbucks in the world they do not let people even them really, and it’s kind of a savior how to find the way up here. But you have to make reservations, and then they have to come, and get you from downstairs in this like secret missions it’s before coming to the tower I did some research, and I will be your guide to the power today live you look like a guy I could hit on absolutely through the tour then even more elevators in the Taipei 101 are famous, and for a long time they were the fastest elevators in the world they go 37 to 27 miles an hour’s the Burj Khalifa also tried to have the fastest elevators in the world. But their elders when we go 22 miles an hour here is thirty seven point seven.

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So they are no longer the fastest one which one which a Shanghai Tower passed this building this elevators speeds. So I think now it’s like the second or third fastest in the world they used to be the fastest each elevator costs two million dollars two million dollars for an elevation over two million dollars per elevator two million dollar via Goa okay. So we’ve learned that actually these elevators that we’re about to go we’re celebrating a lot wrong elevators my gosh what we got to the top there’s nothing you cannot see anything. So okay when you get closer to it you can feel a little bit oh my god wow that was worth it if just put the elevator ride that elevator ospreys it was like a few seconds here we are where you can’t see anything. But here’s my feet under me your own bunny sweater smell is so lovely, and I will never sell my slope, and you can at least, and don’t believe in me believe us take me all this is, and how we can not see. So far can we I come big your eyes are so from 2004 to 2010 this was the tallest building in the world.

But in 2010 it was passed by there is a 730 ton of all that keeps the building from swaying in the wind or being affected by typing let’s go see you cleared different type a one or two just kidding it’s a photo photo of what we would have been able to see this is almost as big as my TV back home actually, I’m really cold we didn’t get that all right where to now live we can find the water spraying that will be cool. Because I need some waters Great Lakes water spring what are we living in the jungle for it sure we can just go get a water bottle they are Lindy, and I were just walking, and we saw the entrance to this little temple a small entrance we decided to come inside like why not, and it’s like we’ve been transported into another world such a small door you don’t expect it yet again just found this little oasis in the middle of the city it’s a beautiful little park it’s a very small park but. So lovely started raining again oh my gosh. So windy trying to post in the rain, and succeeding those boots the rain will not stop marks glory not an easy task. But we’ve had look what we found I don’t know what it is. But let’s go see I think epic is what it is oh baby how you made me smile smile more when I see you Wow look at this we have stumbled upon. So many amazing places today it’s just incredible living I saw this place Jordan what you got man what’s that.

But what do you do when there’s no good movies to see hey are you really gonna go okay it actually means it it’s gonna leave thug life girl if you, and I are going for an evening out we’re actually meeting Jenny who I met in Tucson if I can find the place. Because we’re a little lost right now maybe finding the bezel art is many many available in my painting conveniently it is covered from the rating factor when it rains for seven days straight what is it Libya I wish I knew what does it taste like nothing I’ve ever seen before really it’s seafood an egg for sure it’s seafood cooked into an omelet it’s an omelet seafood omelet and. So up yet like three or four, and he said no only okay it’s only like. So happy about that. Because I love like so much it’s sweet like a three egg, and cucumber inside mixed with sugar or like kind of like what you like a sweet sandwich my worst nightmare what did I do that an egg that’s been boiled in tea right hot dog That’s not me no that really doesn’t go like the egg was already pushing in that yes our time at the night market has ended I think the winners of the night where the dumpling yeah maybe oldest brain hopefully you liked the post Livio you’re doing it on purpose this time tell me how do you like the post you hope that you like the post even though it was raining your neck you are always making mischief hope that you liked the post in Taipei even those raining we would see you who buy just one of those when he does.

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