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Dams completed in 1987

Dandong China is located across from North Korea. See the Hekou …

One of the greatest advantages of having two parents is that, potentially at least, children have access to more adult interest, attention, energy and loving. When one parent begins to flag or seems unreasonable, there is someone else to turn to. Some parents do not make a clear distinction between the responsibilities and activities offather’ and mother’; they substitute for one another so easily that either would be equally happy to be left in sole charge of the household. Other parents share their responsibilities differently so that while the mothers take primary responsibility for looking after the children, the back-up and support given by their husbands would be greatly missed if it were withdrawn. Even being able to share the exhaustion helps – people who have not had children themselves or whose child-rearing days are long since past rarely appreciate the variety of demands made on parents as their children pass by degrees from demanding babies to rebellious teenagers. Any parent who is bringing up children on their own, for whatever reason, is likely to feel deprived if they feel there is no one with whom they can share both the joys and responsibilities of child care.

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