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and starches should be limited during hot weather. The diet may be reduced by one half to one quarter. Less body heat is required, and the dog uses less energy.

Food should not be left out, as it will easily spoil. Dishes should be washed and disinfected daily.

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At the end of five years, the divorce rate was similar for the two groups. The Cowans have expanded this intervention to include parents whose children are about to enter elementary school, and we review that work in TravelTheir initial studies were all done with middle-income married parents. In extending their program to include low-income, married and unmarried parents, of many ethnic backgrounds in groups, the Cowans have used two forms of intervention: the couples groups they have used in the past and groups of fathers only. Fathers met with clinically trained leaders for sixteen weeks to discuss fathers importance to children’s development, ways to improve fathers relationships with children, and ways to deal with fathers feelings. Couples groups included the same topics but in addition focused on parents satisfactions in their relationships with each other.

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