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Map of Tafton for Public areas have considerable character, with parquet floors and French windows, though the rooms are calmer and plainer. 150 Tremezzo and Cadenabbia For more than 150 years, overseas visitors particularly the British have been holing up in TREMEZZO and neighbouring CADENABBIA. The latter's Church of the Ascension (communion Sun 10. 30am, closed Nov March; T0344 42 165, Wchurchonlakecomo.

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Map Of Tafton

Com), located directly opposite the car ferry dock, was the first Anglican church in Italy, completed in 1891, its interior sporting shimmering golden mosaics, marble columns and finely decorated barrel vaulting. The church hosts frequent concerts of classical music during the summer season. The area remains popular, its hotels enjoying splendid views of Bellagio's hills and the mountains behind, but regrettably cut off from the water by the busy lakefront road hosting many repeat visitors. Wander through the shop-heavy lanes, or opt to climb the hills behind to discover a touch more character. Rogaro, Griante and Mezzegra Signposted above busy Tremezzo, the hamlet of ROGARO is another world cool air, cows cropping Alpine pastures and steep walks offering epic views atop Monte Nava (850m). Map of Tafton 2016.

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