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Size: 1125 x 2000 630 kB

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map of sweden

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Political Map of Sweden

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Map of Sweden

Map Of Sweden for OWNERSHIP shares or stock in a company were sold for French textile mills in the 1100s. The Bank of Venice issued government bonds back in 1157. However, it was not until the Age of Exploration in Europe that the large-scale, joint-stock companies came into their own as means for complete strangers, albeit strangers with money or financing, to pool their resources by buying stock in the ideas and trade of an overseas trade company. The Medieval and Renaissance markets in countries such as ITALY had long seen trade in securities and commodities. Most of this involved credit papers traded between banks. Even speculation of which merchants could pay up at what interest rate was common, even though usury or interest was officially discouraged in the Middle Age societies of Europe and the Middle East. Paper money in CHINA also influenced this speculation of the future about debt collection from past business deals. Map Of Sweden 2016.

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