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Stronsdorf Destination Guide (Lower Austria, Austria) – Trip-Suggest

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Stronsdorf Destination Guide (Lower Austria, Austria) – Trip-Suggest

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In the first months of separation, the custodial and the visiting parent are likely to see access visits and their ex-partner’s role very differently. The parent with custody is only too aware of the demands and responsibilities of bringing up children alone in the early months of separation. Learning to cope with unfamiliar domestic problems, as well as trying to be especially sensitive to the children’s needs and problems, leaves the single parent with little time and energy. She may feel that her efforts on behalf of his children are not recognized by her ex-husband, whose only responsibility seems to be to whisk his neatly dressed and presentable children off for Saturday treats. By contrast, he feels frighteningly and uncharacteristically powerless in relation to his children. He is dependent on his ex-wife to organize his contacts with his children. He may feel that she determines every detail of their relationship for example, whether they can visit his new home, or stay overnight, or meet his new girlfriend. It is up to her to decide whether they are too unwell to visit or interpret their wish not to see daddy this week’. In addition, he may also feel that, although he is working to keep his ex-wife and children in greater comfort than he enjoys himself, no one recognizes his needs, especially his desire to see his children regularly. Let us consider a divorced mother’s possible feelings about access visits in more detail and then focus on the visiting father’s experiences and point of view.

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