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Map of Stahnsdorf for Outside these times many have a selfservice facility payable into a machine between the pumps by bank note or, more rarely, credit card; these are often not well advertised so you might need to go onto the forecourt to check. It’s worth CROSSING THE ROAD Don’t assume that as a pedestrian you’re safe in Italy; even on crossings with traffic lights you can be subject to some close calls. Drivers will not automatically stop at pedestrian crossings. Look both ways before crossing, even when there’s a green light for you, as it will probably also be giving the go-ahead to a line of traffic. GETTING AROUND BASICS 25 bearing in mind that petrol is considerably cheaper in Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, there are hardly any petrol stations within about 20km of the border on the Italian side, so do as the locals do, and pop over the border (you might need your passport). Alternatively, if you’re visiting Swiss lakes and mountains be sure to fill your tank while you’re there. Lakeside driving Most of the roads around the lakes are narrow and you’ll often find yourself fast up against the mountainside with the lake on the other side just a few metres away. Some of the roads give stunning views across the water; others, hemmed in by campsites, Baroque palaces or lemon groves, keep you tantalizingly just out of sight of the lake. Map of Stahnsdorf 2016.

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The Stahnsdorf South-Western Cemetery (Stahnsdorf, Germany)

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