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Map of Spielberg bei Knittelfeld on This allows him (along with John Wade and other so-called Ricardian Socialists) to develop a philosophical position that ethically supports fair exchange while economically supporting free markets and strong property rights. Hodgskin’s commitment to the education of the masses eventually led to his co-authorship (with James Wilson) of THE ECONOMIST periodical from its launch in 1843. Initially published by the Anti-Corn-Law League, the renowned weekly newspaper was the voice of the laissez-faire movement, but soon became an influential voice of classical 19th-century liberal thought in general. In 1857, Hodgskin left The Economist, which had probably become, by then, too conservative for him. BIBLIOGRAPHY. lie Halvy, Thomas Hodgskin 17871869 (1903, Peter Smith Publications, 1956); David Stack, The Life and Thought of Thomas Hodgskin, 17871869 (Royal Historical Society, 1997); Michael Davis, ed., Radicalism and Revolution in Britain, 17751848 (Palgrave Macmillan, 1999); Noel Thompson, The Real Rights of Man: Political Economies for the Working Class, 17751850 (Pluto Press, 1998); Marx Karl, The Grundrisse (Notebook VI, 1858, 382 Hodgskin, Thomas 1939), Theories of Surplus Value (Ch. Map of Spielberg bei Knittelfeld 2016.

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