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Maps show where are Solomon Islands locate in the World.

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Outline map of Solomon Islands show the boundaries and shape of the country.

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Province Pop-2009 Pop-1999 Area(km.‚²) Area(mi.‚²) Capital
Capital Territory 64,609 49,107 22 8 Honiara
Central 26,051 21,577 615 237 Tulagi
Choiseul 26,372 20,008 3,837 1,481 Taro Island
Guadalcanal 93,613 60,275 5,336 2,061 Honiara
Isabel 26,158 20,421 4,136 1,597 Buala
Makira 40,419 31,006 3,188 1,231 Kirakira
Malaita 137,596 122,620 4,225 1,631 Auki
Rennell and Bellona 3,041 2,377 671 259 Tigoa
Temotu 21,362 18,912 895 346 Lata
Western 76,649 62,739 5,475 2,114 Gizo
10 divisions 515,870 409,042 28,400 10,965

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