Map of Sint-Pieters-Kapelle

Map of Sint-Pieters-Kapelle for There’s no problem locating the finest gelateria in town it’s the one that draws the crowds and we’ve noted the really special places throughout the guide. If in doubt, go for the places that make their own ice cream, denoted by the sign Produzione Propria. There’s usually a veritable cornucopia of flavours ranging from the classics like lemon (limone) and pistachio (pistacchio) through staples including stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate chips), strawberry (fragola) and fiordilatte (similar to vanilla), to house specialities that might include cinnamon (cannella), chocolate with chilli pepper (cioccolato con peperoncino) or even pumpkin (zucca). NO SMOKING It is illegal in Italy (and the Swiss canton of Ticino) to smoke in restaurants and bars. Any establishment that wants to allow smoking has to follow very stringent rules for isolating a separate room including doors and special air-conditioning. Needless to say, this is beyond the pocket of most places and so the majority remain no-smoking throughout. Conversely, the pavement outside has become a popular gathering-point for smokers. 34 BASICS EATING AND DRINKING LAKE CUISINE Forget pizzas and tomato-based sauces: lake cuisine specializes in risotto, polenta, freshcaught fish and wild mushrooms in butter. The historical emphasis here has been on hearty fare to fuel a day’s hard work, making the most of local ingredients, be they fish from the lakes, corn from the fields, or frogs from the marshes. Map of Sint-Pieters-Kapelle 2016.

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