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Map of Signa for The roads at the southern end of the lakes, nearer the major urban centres, can get very busy in summer; you could find yourself in gridlock for several miles on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The roads along some parts of the lakes are cut into the mountains with single-bore tunnels or gallerie, with one lane in each direction and no central divider. Beware of driving with sunglasses on, as you can be plunged from sunshine into scary blackness with little warning. Motorway driving All motorways (autostrade) are toll-roads.

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Map Of Signa

Take a ticket as you come on and pay on exit; the amount due is flashed up on a screen in front of you. Paying by cash is the most straightforward option booths are marked cashcontanti and colour-coded white. To pay by credit card, follow the Viacard sign (blue). Avoid the Telepass lane (yellow), which is for drivers holding post-paid electronic cards. Be alert as you get into lane as traffic zigzags in and out at high speed to get pole position at the shortest-looking queue. Map of Signa 2016.

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