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Fortunately the average dog does well in a veterinary hospital. He is quick to respond to the gentle voices of the attendants and to the soothing treatment.

For animals who are highly emotional and need the human touch, most up-to-date veterinary hospitals have veterinary nurses in attendance who give individual attention and try to substitute the tender loving care pets miss from their owners.

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In an eighteen-month follow-up, parents in the control group who received only a lecture about fathers importance showed the usual decline in couples relationships with each other, a decline in fathers involvement, and an incre asing Practical Question: What Changes Can Parents Anticipate for Themselves? number of parent-reported behavior problems in children. Men in the fathers groups reported increasing involvement in children’s care and fathers and mothers reported no increase in children’s behavior problems. However, parents relationships declined over time. In the couples groups should be groups, parents reported similar increase in fathers involvement and, no increase in children’s behavior problems, and they reported an additional benefit of stable level of partner satisfaction without the decline the other two groups experienced. When asked in an interview what parents can do to ease the transition to parenting, the Cowans suggested: address unresolved couples issues before they become overwhelming organize a realistic and mutually agreeable division of who does what work in the home nurture the couple relationship as well as the relationship with the infant; check in with each other every day, find out how the other person is feeling When asked what recommendations they had for life education workers, the Cowans answered: make a greater effort to involve fathers in parenting programs go beyond the usual curriculum of infant development and parenting skills and talk about parents feelings about their relationship and strategies for maintaining a satisfying couple relationship include measures of the child’s development so we can see how improving relationships and increasing skills and knowledge impact children’s development Developed by nurses to serve as a vaccine to prevent the difficulties many parents face after the birth of a child, Becoming Parents Program gives parents information on the same three topics and also includes building and drawing on a support system.

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