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l, , Jamtland Guide, Jamtland City, Jamtland Photos, Jamtland Pictures, Map Of Jamtland, Jamtland Maps, Jamtland Google Map, Jamtland Hotels. Travel To Jamtland – Jamtland Travel Guide Google Map Travel To Jamtland – Jamtland  Kalmar 2015 WHAT TO WEAR: Stockholm winters are only a little cooiL than in northeastern United States, Bring woolens and tweeds. Sun%» mer temperatures are normally very comfortable with averages around 70 degrees (even far north); high humidity is unknown in Sweden. Eight hours of sunshine per day is the average during the summer months. You can leave the lightest summer clothes at home, but bring your topcoat as the nights may be chilly. Raincoats are a must. Sports clothes in the country and for general sightseeing wear are correct. Simple black dresses or dressy suits will be all you need in Stockholm. Formal clothes are rarely worn except all gala openings and banquets and when dancing in f

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