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Map of Sebringville Photo Gallery

MLS 672041 183 Huron Rd, Sebringville Family House

4306 Perth Line 135, Sebringville, ON For Sale –

Mike, a teacher, told me how he had been having an affair for over a year when his wife found out, seemingly by accident although he had been looking for a way of telling her for some time. They stayed together for another six weeks while he helped her to make the necessary arrangements to take on the tenancy of their flat and to find a childminder so that she could return to work. They organized their finances, worked out how he would see the children regularly and divided their possessions. He took very little away

with him because he was going to move in with his girlfriend, Susie, who already had a place of her own. On the night before he left, most of the conflict seemed to be over; they talked into the early hours, sharing some of their memories of the past. Both seemed genuine in their hope that they would each be happy in the future.

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