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I did some unofficial investigating and learned that the Joes had had a mamma and a home, but their people moved away and took the mamma cat and left the Joes on the town. The Joes were scarcely old enough to be weaned, let alone old enough to shift for themselves, so . . . What would you do? It took me six long months to find homes for the Joes.


People buy travel with cats for a number of reasons, the commonest of which is that fancy travel with cats are more beautiful or outwardly more interesting than ordinary travel with cats. Certainly no back-fence tabby can hope to match the elegance of a well-bred longhair, the stylized grace of a Siamese, or the comical rumpiness of a Manx cat. Other people buy travel with cats because less conventional methods of acquiring them seem a bit shady which no doubt they are or because they’re accustomed to buying pets, or because some winsome bit of fluff in a pet shop window won their heart. Whatever the reason, it is advisable to know something about the breeds of cat and the characteristics of a healthy kitten.

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