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Map of Schrems on The original silent (and longer) version remains more difficult to find in video stores, mainly for distribution reasons. Many other film classics could be mentioned. In the Soviet Union, director Serguey Eisenstein created his first film, Strike (1924), which showed a rebellion among workers who were manipulated and punished during a strike. After the silent era, French film A nous la libert (1931), directed by Ren Clair, presents a hobo who becomes the owner of a big firm. When he retires, he gives his enterprise to its employees.

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Map Of Schrems

Clearly influenced by Clair's previous film, Charles Chaplin's Modern Times (1936) is perhaps the most famous, although not the first film about capitalism, with assembly lines, machines, bosses, economic crisis, workers' demonstrations, and strikes. Another French film, Le roman d'un tricheur (Sacha Guitry, 1936), shows the story of an elegant man who became rich in casinos by cheating. Map of Schrems 2016.

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