Map of Schorfling am Attersee

Map of Schorfling am Attersee for Forster to Bernard Lewis and Howard Bloom and from Macaulay to Samuel Huntington. Inculcating new relations of force and obligation, these narratives endow the colonizer with, to use Forster’s phrase, the power to do good to the Orientals, who are treated as nameless and faceless phantoms. This, as historically observed, necessitates civilizing and Christianizing the Oriental who is seen both as barbarian and pagan. The Orientalist mission is thus characterized by four main goals: to civilize the barbarians, to Christianize the pagans, to create among the Orientals a scientific outlook and a rational attitude, and to recreate the Orient in the Western image in the name of modernity, democracy, progress, advancement, peace, and liberation. Orientalism as a critical method. This critical evaluation of this Western system of knowledge production Orientalism and Eurocentrism 625 about non-Europeans is conducted through analysis of a series of canonical texts including those by Chaucer, Mandeville, Shakespeare, Dryden, Pope, Byron, HUME, Kant, HEGEL, Vico, Gibbon, Marx, Weber, and Dostoyevsky, and many others. In other words, this critical method focuses on writers, thinkers, poets, philosophers, and scholar-administrators who reside at the center of the Western culture and learning, and not those at its margins. Map of Schorfling am Attersee 2016.

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