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Map of Schnifis on Many of these are addressed by Jack L. Nelson, Kenneth Carlson, and Stuart Palonsky. Should spending taxpayer dollars on education be different in different school districts? Many states have enacted measures to equalize school finance, often under court order to do so. How should we approach the issue of integration, which continues to be a concern despite the fact that segregation levels are at their lowest point since roughly 1920, according to the 2000 census? Should schools focus on teaching the basics, or should the goal be to develop critical thinking skills? Standardized tests are administered to students with increasing frequency, often affecting funding, and seem to focus more on skills assessment now than on memorization of facts.

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Map Of Schnifis

Should there be a national curriculum, or should local government decide what constitutes knowledge for their students? Should schools educate for technological education 239 competence? Should business have more influence on schools to ensure that students are taught employable skills and work values? Should gifted students be identified and separated from the mainstream, leaving other students feeling ordinary? The Montessori philosophy holds that each student should be treated as a gifted student with unlimited potential and many parents have begun to protest the segregation of a select few students into gifted classes. There are many issues involving education that may never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. As time goes on, there is perhaps much more that each child needs to be taught in order to succeed, and there is so much information at our fingertips that the prospect of internalizing even small bits of the sum of human knowledge can be daunting. Map of Schnifis 2016.

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