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Fleas are the greatest cause of summer eczemas. A recent survey lists the flea as the cause of over 70 percent of summer skin problems. Prophylactic measures- are the best means

of preventing such problems flea collars, flea sprays and powders, and periodic baths with a flea shampoo.

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Especially helpful are tips on when to engage with babies when they are fed and alert, when to disengage when babies turn away, fall into a drowsy state, how to feed infants, and how to deal with crying. A brief behavioral parent training enables parents to help their newborn develop healthy sleep patterns and improves parents confidence. When parents conceive a child and bring him or her into the world, they embark on one of the most life-changing experiences of their lives. Whether well or poorly planned, the child elicits new behaviors from parents and at the same time brings a host of new pleasures to them. When parents work together with each other or with Main Points supportive friends and relatives, when they communicate expectations, experiences, and feelings as they care for the baby, the baby brings parents and friends and relatives closer together to share life experiences in a more intense, meaningful way than previously known.

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