Map of Sauriesi

IT is uncertain whether the poet Dante (1265-1321) was actually born here, but at least the house looks the part.
In 1911, the remains of a 13th-century tower house were restored to give building its rambling appearance.
Inside, there is a small museum dedicated to Dante’s life and work. The downstairs rooms are used for exhibitions of modern art and sculpture.

Just a short stroll north of the house is the parish church of Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi, built during the 11th century. It is here that Dante is said to have first caught sight of Beatrice Portinari, whom he idealized in his poetry. The church, which is often used for Baroque chamber music and organ recitals, contains a fine altarpiece by Neri di Bicci (1418-91).

in the landscape, makes it one of the most significant works of the 15th century.
The peaceful Chiostro degli Aranci is hard to find. Look for a door to the right of the altar. Sadly, the orange trees that the monks once cultivated are no longer here.

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