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Map of Santiago Tourist on Zamagni, The Economic History of Italy, 18601990: Recovery after Decline (Oxford University Press, 1993). LUCA PRONO, PH.D. UNIVERSITY OF NOTTINGHAM, ENGLAND Italy 435 Jackson, Andrew (17671845) THOUGH HE WOULD BECOME the seventh president of the UNITED STATES, Andrew Jackson was not from a prominent, aristocratic family and had little formal education. Born in the Waxhaw Settlement of South Carolina to Irish-immigrant parents, Jackson rose to national prominence after he directed the victory in the Battle of New Orleans during the WAR OF 1812. Jackson’s humble origins and military heroics earned him enormous popularity with the common people and he remained sincere in his desire to curtail the elitism and financial privilege inherent to what had become the American system of government. Thus, the evolution of the United States during the antebellum era from a republic to a popular democracy has been labeled the period of Jacksonian Democracy. Map of Santiago Tourist 2016.

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